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Record Number Of Migrants Arrive In Dover Today

Dramatic photographs have been releasing showing numbers of migrants arriving on Dover beach in Kent after crossing the English Channel this morning. It comes after potentially record-breaking number were picked up off the coast with up to 25 boats crossing.

Today’s arrivals mean crossings could eclipse last month’s single-day record of 235 migrants on 17 vessels. The rescue operation has been going on since at least 6am. The Channel was calm and there were clear skies – making it easier for the migrants to make the perilous journey across the busy shipping lanes.

the uk government is still not doing enough to stop this flow of people into the UK

One group of migrants was seen walking away from the beach after landing at St Margaret’s at Cliffe near Dover, while another group were spotted at the foot of the White Cliffs of Dover.

Four dinghies managed to evaded Border Force to land at The Warren beach near Folkestone, while the Dover lifeboat brought 25 refugees into the port this morning – and it was later seen carrying around 13 to shore around 10am. 

Migrants try to come ashore in Dover

A photographer at The Warren beach said that they had to try and convince the migrants to remain on the beaches and wait for Border Force officers, otherwise they would have run away. The Border Force arrived about 20 minutes later.

How these dinghies avoided the Border Force in The Channel is another matter! It clearly highlights that the UK still does not have sufficient resource to cover the coastline when there are a number of inbound vessels. The fact that the UK is still unable to protect its borders is a serious issue for Home Secretary Priti Patel.

The Home Office has sought to blame French authorities and ‘activist lawyers’ for the increase and for difficulties removing asylum seekers once they arrive in Britain. But this does not explain how the migrants today would have been allowed to run freely into our streets, if it had not been for those present trying to stop them.

It was revealed yesterday that the UK taxpayer was hit with a £1billion bill for the asylum system last year. The cost of the asylum system this year is going to be a lot higher based on the number of migrants coming ashore.

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