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Have A Happy S**tmas, Thanks To Southern Water

With Christmas only a few sleeps away, it is time to give thanks for what has been delivered during the year. This year we have to give thanks to Southern Water, for what will be a very S**tty Christmas due to the excess amount of effluent they have pumped into the coastal waters around Kent.

There are plenty of red flags along the coast as a warning to swimmers not to go into the sea. There has been a little bit of rain during December which gives Southern Water plenty of opportunities to dump more waste into the sea and then blame storm drains overflowing.

It is reassuring that at the end of 2023, our privatised water companies have been given further dispensation to dump sewage and pollute the waters that belong to all of us.

With even more houses being built across the county, it means that there will be even more sewage backing up in the ‘old Victorian’ sewage pipes that always seen to be the reason for the overflows. You would think that developers may have joined us in 2023 and put in some brand new pipes by now. You would even think that the water companies would be spending some of the gigantic profits on improved infrastructure and storage tanks, but with the state of our seas, it seems that has not happened.

With campaign groups such as SOS Whitstable monitoring our seas and reporting on the next bio-hazard doing around the coastline, we can only hope for better times. Here is hoping to a cleaner and an opportunity to step into a fresh sea around Kent in 2024.

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