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If you would like to be a guest writer at KentNews.Online, read on…

Welcome to KentNews.Online, the site for new about Kent, written by the people of Kent. We cover all the news from Kent and rely on a number of guest writers to provide articles.

If you would like to be a guest writer, you can submit your articles here. You can choose which articles you would like to write, across any of our categories. There is no limit to how many articles you write and you can make them serious, factual or humorous, it is up to you.

All articles are checked and verified by our staff before they are published on KentNews.Online. This is to ensure the writing is accurate, responsible interesting and suitable for all. We do not allow any unfair, defamatory, racist or slanderous articles. We reserve the right to amend any article (or in some cases, withhold publication, if your article is unsuitable). Your article will be attributed to you as the author, so you can show your work to colleagues, family and friends. Over time you can build a portfolio of articles and may appear in our Top 10 writers list.

You may use an alias instead of your real name, although you should use the same name so all articles will be attributed to you. We do ask for an email address whenever you submit an article, so that we can contact you, should we have any questions relating to your submission.

Whether you plan to be a journalist, have an interest in writing or seen/heard something news worthy, we would like to hear from all of you. Even if you do not live in Kent, we have our Lifestyle section where you can write interesting articles on all sorts of topics. We look forward to receiving your interesting articles to help us become the best news site in Kent.

When you are ready to write your article, please submit it here.