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HomeNewsSouthcliff Hotel In Folkestone Sold For Migrant Accommodation

Southcliff Hotel In Folkestone Sold For Migrant Accommodation

It is being reported today that Serco has bought the South Cliff Hotel in Folkestone.

Apparently, those that have been housed there as aprt of the government initiative to ‘house the homeless’ have all been told to leave the premises. All the staff at the hotel have also lost their jobs today.

The reason for the sudden changes is to set up the hotel for migrants to be housed whilst waiting for their asylum claims to be processed. The hotel has been up for sale for a while, so has been seen as prime available accommodation for immigrants.

The Home Office take care of the procurement of the property before handing over to private security company Serco, to run it on a daily basis. No local authority or residents have been consulted.

The Carlton Hotel, just a few metres along the road is also homing many asylum seekers, making this a potential no-go area for people in Folkestone.

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  1. We had a holiday booked here at the end of November and stay here regular. This is really heartbreaking how many more hotels are going to be lost to this:( we love folkestone especially the leas but like many reluctant to visit now

  2. If you think things are bad now, just wait till you have the same percentage of your residents being muslim as we have had in my home town ( Blackburn, Lancashire ) for a generation.
    All the town centre pubs are shut as the whole area is now a muslim enclave – a no-go zone for whites. All the corner shops, taxis, fuel-stations and takeaways are muslim-run, as is the local drugs trade. Muslims living in Blackburn own ASDA and Euro-Garages and they are financing the construction of Europe’s biggest mosque in the heart of what was once Blackburn’s most desirable residential area. The ISIS ( sic ) brothers who own ASDA purchased several lovely old country houses, knocked them down and are building MacMansions for their huge extended family.
    Welcome to hell, southerners.

  3. I must say I am heartbroken. I’ve been staying at the Southcliff twice a year for the last several years, visiting Kent, family, walking, having such a good time. I didn’t care if it was a bit shabby. I have nothing but happy memories of the hotel.

    • I feel exactly the same we stayed here a few times every year absolutely loved it. Folkestone sadly will become a no go area now

  4. I’ve stayed at this lovely old hotel on a few occasions in the last 2 yrs visiting my friend who lives in Sandgate. The staff were always charming, professional and very efficient so my heart goes out to them losing their jobs. The Carlton Hotel next door already housing immigrants surrounded by shady looking security guards apparently working for the Home office employed to keep immigrant residents within and angry UK tax payers and local residents without !! So we say goodbye to what was a beautiful area of folkestone enjoyed by local people and visiting tourists as our Government seem determined to ruin our country with allowing these foreign criminals to rape and pillage for sure they are not true migrants in need with their expensive trainers and latest phones. So my question is doesn’t charity begin at home and wouldn’t it be wonderful if the government put the same money and effort into helping the elderly, homeless and needy from the country they are supposed to be working for I.e British tax payers. Shame on you Home office! Just an idea why don’t you house these unsavoury beings in your expensive back gardens??

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