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An App, That Does Good

I am a 17-year-old student and deeply interested in technology and its effect on our lives. It has a wide reach, that is both positive and negative – in my opinion the good side prevails. I’d always been interested in how technology could, as a medium of communication between people, be used for a good cause.

Before coming up with the idea for the app, I was led by a want to help people. I wanted to create something, that would in the long run make people’s days better and sustain their optimistic mindset and positive attitude towards life. I would like to introduce the created app Life Through Steps and how it embodies everything described.

I did not come up with the idea overnight, the app is more a result of trial and error. It has taken a few different tries to combine all my interests described above, my ambitions and to reach the end goal, which has always been to create a product the users will enjoy and extensively use. Mental illness is a very neglected problem of today’s society, which is becoming a pressing issue in many people’s lives.

Lately, as a society we have become more open to speaking up about the challenges mental health patient issues deal with. The trials with which they are daily faced with affect their entire lives. However, society still has some prejudice towards mental health patients, and we do not offer them the same care, we do to patients with physical illnesses. Today, this should not be tolerated. A switch in our mentality needs to happen in the society’s attitude and awareness about mental illness and the right care, people struggling with them, need to receive.

The severity of mental challenges people deal with, differ. What they have in common is, that any type of mental issue enables the individual to live his life to the fullest. The wish is, the LTS app would become a small part of a wider specter, an individual needs to slightly brighten their day and make a few moments a bit more enjoyable.

I was creating the app in the first half of year 2020, which was a time of a global pandemic of coronavirus. The world population was facing many challenges, including suddenly experiencing self-isolation and subsequently even loneliness. The disruption to their normal routine proved to be an unexpected challenge, many did not know how to overcome. Even creating as simple app as LTS has taken over a year and a half. In June 2020 I decided, it is time to offer it to smart phone users and maybe it could prove as a lifeline in this unusual situation.

The app guides people how to approach their daily tasks more positively and offers content, which leads to change one’s mind about how to think about stress for example.
The app’s content changes daily. It includes daily quotes, facts and tasks regarding stress, motivation, and daily challenges. It has a function, with which users can share their personal story or a quote, that is dear to them. After being looked through, the submitted posts are posted on the app and visible to all users.

I will sincerely be very happy if more people decide to download LTS and even more, I’m looking forward to your constructive criticism. All received feedback, I will surely take into account in future upgrades. If we think alike and the app is something you wish to try and think you could benefit from, it is available for download if you click here. To learn more about the app, please visit our website.

I hope you enjoy using the app and let our motivation be trying to make a step forward and toward the topics and people, which need our attention.

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