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Government’s 5 Phase Plan To Ease Lockdown

The Governments plan to get out of Covid-19 restrictions will be set out in 5 phases, following the Irish plan announced recently. The possible solution, which is due to be officially announced to the public this coming Sunday, may contain 5 main phases, with a 3 week review taking place between each phase.

If the number of coronavirus cases begin to increase, they will revert to the restrictions set out in the previous stage.

Phase 1 – 18th May
Phase 2 – 8th June
Phase 3 – 29th June
Phase 4 – 20th July
Phase 5 – 10th August

Phase 1 of the roadmap will lift the following restrictions:
🔸 Construction workers, landscape gardeners and other outdoor workers may return to work
🔸 Garden centres, repair shops and hardware stores may reopen
🔸 Fitness & sport activities (non-contact) in small groups (max of 4 people) may resume (golf included)
🔸  People may meet up with friends and family in small groups outdoors (size of a “small group” is defined as up to 4 people)
🔸 The majority of regular health services will resume 
🔸 Outdoor public amenities and tourism sites may reopen (beaches & mountain walks)
*NOTE – social distancing guidelines will remain in operation for all

Phase 2 of the roadmap will lift the following restrictions:
🔸 Restriction will be extended from 5km to 20km
🔸 Specific retail hours will be allocated for those currently cocooning
🔸 Home visits will be allowed to those cocooning, by a small number of persons for a short period of time
🔸 Up to 4 people may visit another household for a short period of time
🔸 Slightly larger family gatherings at funerals will be permitted (limited to maximum safe social distancing can still be applied)
🔸 Solitary workers and workers that can maintain social distancing can return to work
🔸 Small retail outlets that can control staff and customer numbers and maintain social distancing may reopen
🔸 Public libraries will reopen
🔸 Outdoor sporting activities, involving small group training (no matches) can recommenced (no contact still allowed)

Phase 3 of the roadmap will lift the following restrictions:
🔸 Commence opening of creches and pre-schools for children of essential workers
🔸 Commence a phased approach to visiting at hospitals and other healthcare settings
🔸 Businesses where employees have low levels of daily interaction may reopen
🔸 Phase in the opening of all other non-essential retail outlets, restricting customer numbers and applying social distancing (limited to retail outlets with street level entrance and exit, i.e. not in shopping centres)
🔸 Playgrounds will be reopened
🔸 ‘Behind closed doors’ sporting events may recommence 
🔸 Cafes and restaurants may reopen as long as social distancing is maintained

Phase 4 of the roadmap will lift the following restrictions:
🔸 Travel will be extended to outside of your region
🔸 Larger household visits will be permitted
🔸 Small social gatherings will be permitted (baptisms, small weddings etc.)
🔸 Creches and pre-schools will reopen for all other children
🔸 Other employees return to work – beginning with those who cannot work remotely and then staggering the working times to ensure social distancing 
🔸 Barbers and hairdressers may reopen
🔸 Museums and other cultural outlets may reopen
🔸 Sports teams may recommence and public swimming pools may reopen
🔸 Hotels and other hospitality units may reopen based on limited occupancy. Hotel bars are to remain closed

Phase 5 of the roadmap will lift the following restrictions:
🔸 Social gatherings will be permitted except for large gathering and gatherings in households of suspect cases
🔸 Schools and colleges will reopen on a phased basis and will recommence in the new academic year 
🔸 Normal hospital and other residential setting visits will be allowed
🔸 All employees may return to work on normal onsite arrangements, except organisations that cannot maintain social distancing plans
🔸 Enclosed shopping centres may reopen
🔸 Tattoo and piercing parlours may reopen
🔸 Cinemas may reopen

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  1. Is this not Ireland’s plan that was released yesterday? As theres no uk plan yet?

    • If this is how things may be they are sneaking in another ten days of lockdown before any lifting of the lockdown.. almost two months till hairdressers can work .. that’s bloody stupid and the travel restrictions to see family are fine if you are local what happens when your nearest family are almost 100 miles away you have to wait another two months making that over four months .. REALLY ! If you and they have displayed no symptoms throughout why can you not make your own bloody choice !! We can all be judged by the uneducated morons who have disregarded the whole process from the start otherwise what’s the point in confirming ? It gets you know where

      • Well i’d rather be safe if people moan all the time about the situation & make there own choices the pandemic will just continue I feel for all those that cannot go back to work but really be safe it’s the only way to stop this could 19 we are a tiny country but we have the second highest death rates.

      • They’re not “sneaking in” another 10 days of lock down. It’s there plain as day to PROTECT US. I can’t work either, not ideal but I’d choose that over people dying any day! These measures are in place to save lives and the economy in the long run. Leaving It up to the public to decide would be an absolute disaster. It’s a difficult time, but a necessary one in order to ensure a better future for everyone.

  2. Is this not Ireland’s plan????? Preschools and crèches are already open for essential workers!!!!

  3. OMG. I can’t believe a UK news outlet has jumped on this without any clarification.

    This is the 5 stage plan for Ireland who were on stricter lock down that us. That’s what Stage 1 doesn’t make any sense lol.

    It was published by a facebook page yesterday who have no official capacity at all.

  4. Your reporter is quoting the lockdown-easing plans for the Republic of Ireland, NOT the UK.

  5. Why don’t you just wait until Sunday and get the correct information 1st hand.. this is not our news we do not do things the same ..

  6. Seems like the media have got it wrong again! No surprise there really!
    Report on the real story, we find out on Sunday and and stop giving false hope to everyone!

  7. Seriously, everyone, the reason that this plan resembles the Irish one is because the uk government has adopted the same plan. Read the article from the start.

    • Which tells you straight away the uk government never had a plan …dear god Boris and these Tories have a lot to answer for

  8. This cant be the UK plan as it doesn’t make sense. Stage 1 for example – many construction workers are already back to work, many DIY centres and garden centres are open. Maybe just wait for Sunday’s briefing before trying to second guess it

  9. I’m confused I’m pretty sure construction hasn’t stopped ? the fact that some are travelling and not in position where they can social distance and has been like this from start of this ! These poor sods rarely mentioned

  10. If people actually read the headline properly it clearly states the uk plan is based on the Ireland plan…

  11. This is Ireland’s plan. We may follow suit if we satisfy the “5 tests” first. Check YouTube for Johnson’s video from 2 days ago that reminds you what they are.

  12. So when can us people that are shielding due to being high risk start to go out

  13. This is the Irish plan. We have no restrictions on the amount of km we move, schools won’t go back mid August as Gavin Williamson has already aid that and we don’t have cocooning we have shielding horrendous that you can post such misinformation.

  14. The “possible solution” = speculation and made up by the reporter…ffs

  15. In what phase will we have “churches, mosques and places of worship” and “airlines and flights”?

  16. I think if they are dropping workers money that they will have to allow people to go to work by the 1st of July. Who can feed kids on 60% wages

  17. Typical!
    Some people will do anything to get in first!
    Fancy copying the Irish blueprint
    Who needs BoJo when some factions are jumping the gun…………actually, that’s a bloody good question!

  18. I consider it to be a good plan to lift the lockdown never mind who came up with it first it’s gotta work

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