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Blow For ULEZ As Hertfordshire Council Refuses Signs

There was a further blow for London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) scheme after Hertfordshire County Council confirmed that ULEZ signs and enforcement cameras will not be permitted in county.

Hertfordshire CC leader Richard Roberts has written to Mayor Khan informing him that the ULEZ would only add to the financial worries of the county’s residents. From August 29, drivers in outer London will pay a £12.50 daily fee if their vehicles do not meet emissions standards.

Cllr Roberts warned that families and businesses were already experiencing the ‘tightest squeeze on their finances in over a generation’.

He said the council would not allow ULEZ signage or enforcement cameras to be located within the boundary of the county. He also urged the Mayor to extend the scrappage scheme to include counties surrounding Greater London

‘The simple fact of the matter is that at this time many people with non-compliant vehicles, often the lowest paid in society cannot afford to upgrade their cars, are not eligible for the scrappage scheme and have no viable public transport alternatives,’ Cllr Roberts wrote.

He added: ‘I would personally ask that you pause the expansion of the zone and look to redraw the zone boundary to align with outer London public transport hubs, providing those who cannot upgrade their vehicle with public transport options before having to absorb the proposed £12.50 per day cost of the expanded zone.’

If Hertfordshire can do it, so too can the others

It gives hope to people living in other affected counties, such as Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey & Kent. Now that one County Council has blocked the ULEZ measures, they are urging the other councils to follow.

Essex county council were the first to come out to say that they were blocking any signage or enforcement within the boundary of Essex, although this is yet to be voted on my council members.

ULEZ affects all these County Councils where they come under the jurisdiction of a London Borough. Time is running out before the scheme comes into force, so the councils will need to make some decisions, and fast!

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