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Working From Home Staff & Parents Cause 18-Mile Tailbacks To Beaches

With record temperatures in the UK for the second day in a row, there have been huge traffic jams on Kent’s motorways as people head for the beaches.

A line of traffic on the M2 heading towards Whitstable, Herne Bay and Margate was recorded at 18 miles long today.

The Eastbound carriageway on the M2 was virtually at a standstill today

There were also problems in Camber Sands and at Lydd where flocks of sun worshippers headed for the coast. Police were forced to close coastal roads to tourists at one point.

“”It is absolutely ridiculous” said someone in kent

With so many people either furloughed, working from home or parents still looking after school children, the heatwave had created the perfect opportunity for many to enjoy a hot day on the beach.

But with lockdown measures still in place, it could be a grim day for some. Public conveniences will still be closed, meaning that many will need to find an alternative option if they are caught short. There will be plenty of small floating things bobbing around in the sea today, and we do not mean young children.

Cafes and ice cream parlours will all be under pressure, not only to serve the masses but also to try and ensure social distancing at all times. Many people are saying this could have been prevented if the schools had reopened – but this has not been possible – so a hug e number of parents and those not in work were able to join with many teachers to enjoy a day at the beach! People still isolating will be hoping this is not the beginning of the second wave.

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  1. How can you report that many teachers were at the beach? Where is your evidence for this statement?

    This is complete nonsense, and very poor reporting at best. At worst this report is atrociously misleading, and inadequately written. In fact I find this report to be nothing more than utterly useless.

    • With so many schools still closed, there is no question a number of teachers would have gone to the beach, like many other people who are unable to work. The point is that if the government had resolved the school issue, there would not have been so many parents, children and teachers with free time to overcrowd Kent’s beaches and cause congestion.

      Like our tagline states: Interesting news …with a pinch of sarcasm and a splash of satire!

      • You cannot say who those foolish people were. Unless of cause you actually interviewed many of them, which I doubt. You wrote, purely and simply, a speculative report with many amateur flaws in the text. Your use of key words like teachers was to give your misinformed report more credibility.

        • Are you confident enough to say that, amongst all those thousands of people on Kent’s beaches, that there were no teachers present at all?

          There is some irony that some teachers unions would not allow a return to school for safety reasons, but as a consequence of these actions, teachers and children were inevitably at a higher risk by mixing amongst thousands on a beach.

          But we do agree on one thing, they were all very foolish!

  2. You have made nothing more than an assumption, which has no fact in reality, and is purely based on your own narrow minded amateur journalistic thought process.

  3. I think that you are hoping teachers were present on some of those beaches, simply because you stated that in your report. My assumption here is that you probably wrote this sitting in your armchair at home, after watching the TV news broadcasts on this story. As I stated, by adding the key word teachers you are trying to give credence to a very lack lustre report.

    I know that no news channel mentioned the key word teachers in their reports. hence, their reports were credible, and not misleading in their content. Obviously there was a certain amount of journalistic licence used, as there always is, to create a heightened sense of drama, and pushing up their viewing figures.

    • We appreciate your comments. Our article was written to highlight the madness of what is going on at present. The subject of schools and teachers is certainly a hot topic at present, and you may find the following article, published by the Daily Mail today, of some interest:

      Parents leap to defence of star head teacher who was suspended for saying some lazy teachers were ‘sat at home doing nothing during lockdown’ –

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