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Confusion Over What You Can Do From 4th July

With Prime Minister further releasing lockdown measures from 4th July 2020, there is much confusion about exactly what you are allowed to do from that date.

Clarity is something that has not always been there since the rules were imposed, and with the small changes taking place it has been difficult to keep track of all the changes.

For those looking for a summer holiday, without the threat of a 14 day quaratine, France, Italy, Spain and Greece will be the ‘go-to’ destinations. Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Gibraltar and Bermuda will also reportedly be announced as destinations in the first round of ‘safe nations.’

Although you may go on holiday, there will be capacity restrictions and physical distancing measures in place. Some tourist places will be open, but with restrictions. For example, the Eiffel Tower will be open, but the lifts are closed, so expect to climb a lot of steps. There will also be no holiday buffet with limits on those eating in dining rooms or food served in rooms. Check-in times may also be straggered, which could be interesting when a plane-load of people arrive at the same time.

you may go to the cinema, as long as you do not sneeze

The good news is that you cannot catch Coronavirus underwater, so divers will be safe, unless they have to share a mouthpiece (regulator) with a buddy. It is also advised to use soap to demist a mask rather than using your spit.

Back at home, pubs are to open but will need to use a ticket system and record the details of any customers and retain for at least 21 days. There are rules that say that there can be no raised voices, no loud music and a cap on numbers. This is to prevent people having to shout which is classed as a ‘health risk’. Perhaps they should have used that reason during the recent riots!

Pubs will also need to provide table service to prevent queues at the bar. With a social distance of 1 metre, you may end up getting your drinks thrown at you.

The new way to serve drinks at the pub

Pubs have to provide any condiments in disposable sachets. This will cause uproar with the environmentalists. You may also be banned from going indoors if it rains, so ensure you book your ticket for a sunny day, unless you like your beer watered down. Pubs will also need to provide table service to prevent queues at the bar. With a social distance of 1 metre, you may end up getting your drinks thrown at you.

No gloves…..fail !!!

You will be able to get your hair cut from the 4th July, but only if you provide your details to the hairdresser, who will need to keep them for 21 days. It is unknown what they will need to do if false details are provided. Perhaps barbers will be given a special ‘hairline’ to MI5, who can verify all customers details.

Theme parks are allowed to open but once again, you are not allowed to shout or scream, especially if you are on ‘The Big One’. How the park will police this mid-ride is anyones guess! Theme parks will be required to hire more security, as one needs to monitor social distancing in queues, whilst another needs to look out for terror attacks. Sounds like customers will be in for a lovely day!

Weddings may take place with up to 30 guests, which will be a relief for those looking to save a few quid, by restricting numbers. There will be a ban on singing hymns too, a huge bonus for anyone with a tone deaf future mother-in-law. There will be only one family allowed at the reception, which is really going to cause a lot of upset. Perhaps you will need to flip a coin to see if it wil lbe the groom or the brides family allowed.

Outside in our beautiful parks, you may use the outdoor gym equipment, but you are not allowed to play a game of cricket. This is because the ball could be a germ carrier! You may have a game of football, but only with one other household, so you better hope they have 11 children!

Many people are alarmed that all these changes come into force on a Saturday, now dubbed as ‘Super Saturday’. For many, this will feel like the end of the pandemic, so thousands are expected to be out on the streets. Temporary changes to licensing laws will allow many more licensed premises, such as pubs and restaurants, to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, so expect there to be a lot of merry people about. Merry people that may be too drunk to remember anything about social distancing. It’s going to be carnage!

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