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Kent Hairdressers Flouting Lockdown

A number of hairdressers in Kent have been found to be ignoring the lockdown rules. As the lockdown enters its eighth week, getting your haircut has become the main priority for a number of people.

Barbers and salons were one of the high street shops classed an non-essential when the lockdown rules came into force. Although lockdown is still in force, there has been a minor relaxing as some some employees return to work. Due to the close contact of hairdressing, it is thought that these businesses will be one of the last to open.

This has led to an underground movement, where people are offering hairdressing services in their own homes. Business has been so much in demand that some are offering appointments, but with a number of days waiting time. Out of the number of barbers we contacted, about a third were closed with no response, whilst a third offered us an appointment. For those without a maths degree, the final third answered our call but refused any haircuts.

As much as people want to look smart, this is a clear breach of the current rules. Sadly, there does not seem to be enough enforcement of the law or enough officers to deal with this. Whilst people are getting away with it, work will continue. Not only are they taking business away from law-abiding citizens, but some are charging more than double the going rate.

never in our lives have we been through such a hairy time

Many hairdressers are self-employed, so are feeling the hardship of weeks without any income. It is understandable that they need to generate some income and a small fine is not going to be a deterrent. But by allowing people to breach the rules, it just extends the lockdown for everyone and potentially puts many people at risk.

The UK should have used a tough stance from day one. By allowing some to get away with unlawful activities, it creates issues where people feel unfairly treated. This then leads others to take chances, when they may not have done had everyone followed the law. Now lockdown is approaching the end, it would seem that more and more people will decide to go it alone to make some money.

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