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Caremark Bromley Announced As Finalist For Four Stars Of Social Care Awards

Caremark Bromley is thrilled to announce its selection as a finalist in four categories for the esteemed Stars of Social Care Awards: the Best Franchisee Award, the Dementia Specialist Award, the Great Marketeer Award and the Recruitment and Retention Award. These nominations reflect the company’s dedication to delivering outstanding home care services and nurturing new talent within the industry.

The Stars of Social Care Awards celebrate exceptional contributions and achievements within the social care sector, recognising organisations and individuals who demonstrate dedication, compassion, and excellence in their roles. Caremark Bromley’s multiple nominations highlight its significant impact as a leader in local home care with an ability to foster and support emerging talent in the industry and be a front-runner in dementia services.

As Managing Director of Caremark Bromley, Sharon Dhillon has been nominated for the Best Franchisee Award against its criteria for delivering consistently high-quality, person-centred care. Other factors taken into consideration for this award are the business’s consistent growth as it provides over 4500 hours of weekly care to the community. Under Sharon’s leadership, the franchise offers tailored staff training programmes and has a staff retention rate of over 95% which highlights their commitment to continuous staff development and job satisfaction. Caremark Bromley has also received numerous positive reviews and actively engages in community fundraising events, further illustrating their dedication to excellence in home care services.

Sharon Gray has been nominated for the Dementia Specialist Award due to her outstanding care and applying innovative approaches when supporting customers with dementia. Her work with a particular customer facing significant dementia challenges showcases her ability to provide comfort and clarity through compassionate care. Sharon uses experience and creative solutions to help people and also shares this expertise with colleagues which has significantly improved the quality of life for her customers.

The finalist for the Great Marketeer Award is Ajay Reetun in recognition of his successful advertising and marketing campaigns. His strategic use of social media platforms TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram has substantially increased the organisation’s visibility and engagement, and through this work, he has connected people to care services. Ajay has significantly contributed to the business’s growth and community outreach, especially with his notable campaign, ‘Caremark Bromley Making a Difference: Real Stories, Real Lives’ series, which highlighted the compassionate care provided by the team.

Kafilat Badmus has been nominated for the Recruitment and Retention Award for her effective strategies in maintaining a highly motivated and skilled workforce. As the Recruitment and Training Manager, Kafilat has fostered a supportive environment that values employee contributions and encourages professional growth. Her hands-on training methods and personal support for staff members have led to a high retention rate of 95%, demonstrating her commitment to employee well-being and development.

Expressing her delight at the recognition, Sharon Dhillon, Managing Director of Caremark Bromley, commented:

“We are so proud to have been named as finalists in four separate categories at the Stars of Social Care Awards. This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of our entire team. We’re especially proud of Sharon, Ajay and Kafilat, whose remarkable achievements are being acknowledged with these prestigious awards. Their nominations highlight the positive impact that can be made in our profession with kindness and unwavering dedication.”

“Regardless of the award outcomes, we are honoured to have this validation of our work and the individuals that make Caremark Bromley so special. Awards like these are a real boost and strengthen our reputation as a trusted home care provider which is completely dedicated to the wellbeing of our community.”

The awards ceremony takes place on 14th June 2024 at The Marriott Regents Park, London. This event will bring together those who work in social care to honour their contributions to the field.

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