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COVID Infection Rate Dropping Across Kent

Infection rates for Coronavirus are dropping across all districts in Kent, showing that the current lockdown is starting to work.

The latest data published by KCC show that the average rate across the County of Kent is now at 536.2 per 100,000 people, down by 208.7 over the last 7 days.

Current infection rates in Kent

Gravesham had the highest rate in Kent but has been surpassed by Dartford on 754. Congratulations Dartford on becoming the least desirable place to visit in Kent this week!

Tunbridge Wells currently stands at 415.2, a fall from 484.3, meaning it is still has the lowest infection rate in Kent and is therefore the best place to be in Kent this week. Perhaps the majority of the residents of Tunbridge Wells have all cleared off to their holiday homes in Cornwall.

The rates are falling across the whole of Kent, which does highlight the question that if everyone had been a little bit more careful on the run up to Christmas, then perhaps the virus would not have got out of control and spiked so highly over the New Year.

The key now is to ensure that lockdown 3 is not ended too early, which could result in the infection rate creeping up again. School children are currently expected to return on 22nd February, which is after the scheduled half-term holiday, although the government are still considering whether to keep children at home until Easter.

Thankfully we are all still under lockdown for another few weeks at least, so there is no reason to go to any other place in Kent, just stay at home and enjoy the last of those Christmas chocolates and wine!

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