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Disgusting State Of Darent Valley Hospital Toilets

Visitors to Darent Valley Hospital have said that the condition of the toilets is unacceptable for a large hospital.

We have been provided a recent photograph of the current state of the Gents toilets, with one urinal out of action and another with a drip bucket underneath. Apparently they have been left in this condition for a considerable amount of time, with copious amounts of urine on the floor.

Not only should a hospital be setting the standards to for working public toilets in an area of high usage, but it shows a worrying lack of cleanliness in such an important place.

Although the NHS is under pressure with a lack of funds, there is no excuse for an essential place to be left in such a poor state. It would only take a few pounds to get the problems rectified.

Visitors have been said to have been appalled and many have not wanted to use the facilities due to the mess. It is not what we want to see when we visit a hospital.

One person said “It makes a mockery of the signage to ‘Wash your hands’ when you have to walk through puddles of urine and then tread that all through the hospital on the bottom of your shoes!’

We are yet to receive a response from Darent Valley Hospital.

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