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Housebuilder Calls On Canterbury School To Swap Clothes

With the fast fashion industry’s approximately contributing to carbon emissions by 10% , local housebuilder Barratt David Wilson Homes recently hosted a clothing drive to limit the impact of clothes waste on the environment this winter. The housebuilder, who is behind the Saxon Fields development in Thanington and The Woodlands development in Sturry, partnered up with Parkside Community Primary School to partake in a clothing drive to swap clothes.

The campaign, introduced in support of National Recycling Week (16th – 22nd October 2023), is all about the clothing items that could be recycled or swapped but are commonly thrown away. With this in mind, Barratt David Wilson Kent tasked older students and their parents from Parkside Community Primary School with bringing in any winter clothes that the children have outgrown, with the aim that this can then be passed down to younger children of the school. The housebuilder kickstarted the drive by donating winter hats and gloves to encourage the swapping to begin.

Natalie Perry, Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt David Wilson Kent, commented: “The clothing drive was a big lesson in being mindful of how we recycle in all forms, understanding the importance of greener living in such a fast day and age. Clothes waste on the environment is often one part of the climate crisis that is overlooked; however, it is one that has a big impact. The pupils and parents of Parkside Community Primary School did not disappoint in their clothing drive and it was fantastic to see so many children go home with new clothes. Clothing drives also serve the opportunity to limit buying costly clothes each winter for parents, so it is a win-win!”

Heather Simmons, Teacher at Parkside Community Primary School, adds: “What an honour it has been for not only our pupils to be involved in Barratt David Wilson Kent’s clothing drive, but for the parents too! It has been a great learning opportunity for our pupils here, one of reflection and awareness of how much each item we own impacts the environment, no matter how small we think it to be. It was truly heartwarming to see the pupils proud of making a change and seeing their smiling faces with their new threads. We are thankful to Barratt David Wilson Kent for boosting our children’s confidence in how to recycle, and we are certain this practice will be implemented into their daily lives.”

Homes at The Woodlands and Saxon Fields include sustainable construction measures and an energy efficient design, including fuel-efficient boilers and high levels of insulation which ensure that a new Barratt David Wilson home is up to 64% cheaper to run than the same sized older home with modern day improvements. As such, new homeowners at The Woodlands and Saxon Fields could save up to £2,200 on their energy bills each year.

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