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Kent Village Has One Of The Highest Life Expectancy Rates In UK

A recent survey has found that women living in the village of Detling in Kent are living longer than the average life expectancy of 83 in England.

With an average life expectancy of 95, the women of Detling are being acknowledged as the longest-living in England. Some are now asking if it is something in the water that is helping these people to live to a ripe old age.

But 102-year-old Irene Nobbs has said that water is not her favourite tonic, but rather a glass or two of her favourite tipple everyday.

“I enjoy drinking a little glass of rosé”, she said. “I have it at lunchtime – a small glass, not a big one – and then in the evening for supper”. It “definitely” helps, she said. “How can I explain it? My body feels old, but my heart’s young”.

Irene Nobbs isn’t the only one in Detling not letting her age get in the way of living.

Margaret Cooke who is 89, has lived in Detling for 60 years, has survived cancer twice, and is still going strong.

Is it the water or is it what they sell in the local pub?

Her secret is “refusing to give in”. “Why should I let it beat me down?” she said. “And be thankful for each day I’m alive here still. Aren’t I lucky?” she added.

Ms Cooke also thinks Detling’s water is the key to the residents’ longer life. At the village pub, owners Tony and Kim believe people are simply too busy to feel old. “They’re stress-free, they’re happy, they love the walks and it may be something to do with the water,” Kim said.

Nobody has mentioned what has happened to all the men from the village!!

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