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Mr Doodle Paints Ashford Building

Artist Mr Doodle has painted a huge mural on the side of a building in Ashford.

The famous doodler , who produced the mural at the beginning of March last week, said it was his biggest wall ever at 17.4×9.9m, and it took two days to complete.

The Internationally renowned artist from Tenterden doodled across side of the Edinburgh Road car park in Ashford for a new project called UNFRAMED.

The finished mural in Ashford

He used a cherry picker to reach the concrete canvas. Starting with a white background, he initially added his famous black doodles and then filled it in with blue and red colours. It has been titled Concrete Cluster. Let’s hope that it’s not named after Ashford itself!

He said “Ashford Borough Council gave me a few different options of walls around the town I could create the mural on but I thought this one was amazing. It is the biggest wall I have ever done as a single artwork and I thought it looked really exciting and I had to do it. I’ve hidden in Mr Doodle within the mural as well as his evil twin and Doodle Dog”.

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