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Prime Minister Gets Abuse On Social Media

With the General Election just around the corner, the parties are working hard to win votes. As with most election campaigning, the leaders go around the country attempting to look hip and trendy.

They want to be seen as ‘one of us’, but they just end up looking like someone dressed in a suit trying to play football. Which they do very badly and it usually involves a small child being squashed. Let’s be honest, the PM cannot even go to represent the country at a D-Day memorial ceremony without making a total mess of it by leaving halfway through.

Not only that, but to try and look even more cool, politicians have now decided to use social media as a way to ‘speak’ to the nation and keep in contact with all of us. As if we give a monkeys!

Anyone over 70 probably doesn’t even know what social media is. Anyone under 30, just thinks that its very uncool and would never follow them. Anyone who sits in between 20 and 70 just wishes the MP would spend less time on social media and more time actually fixing the problems with the country.

So yesterday some reckless buffoons from ‘Just Stop Oil’ decided to spray Stonehenge with some orange goop in their quest to garner public support for their cause. Any dimwit could have told them that damaging a world heritage site was not going to win them any friends – no matter what their cause is about. It does not even matter that their orange goop was cornflower and would not cause permanent damage. If you tamper with a national treasure, you are going to end up in the Tower of London being hung by something short and painful.

Anyway, our Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was so annoyed by this act of vandalism, that he took to social media to express his anger. Or he got one of his minions to do it for him.

“Just Stop Oil are a disgrace” appeared on the PMs account. Which most people would actually agree with. But as with anything these days, it was the PM that faced a barrage of vicious comments in response.

“You’re the expert when it comes to disgrace so I trust you” came one reply.

“You’re the disgrace” added another.

Someone who was a little more restrained said “You’re literally the Prime Minister mate”. Which is a very valid point.

If the Tory party had actually taken a tougher stance on some policies, such as law and order, then protesters would not be vandalising Stonehenge. If there was a chance there was a 10-year jail sentence, perhaps they would think twice. If they still went ahead, at least we would sleep comfortably knowing they wouldn’t be damaging anything else for a very long time.

Whoever thought giving the PM a social media account was a good idea, also needs to answer some questions. The PM is always going to attract ridicule, sarcasm and frustration. There is always someone who is not going to be happy about the decisions the government take.

So why put yourself in such a position that you become the laughing stock each and every time you say something. It says a lot about the world of politics as a whole!

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