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Barclays Branches Closed After Greenpeace Protest

Three branches of Barclays Bank were closed early on Monday morning after Greenpeace protesters superglued the entrance doors. Nearly 100 branches of the bank have been affected, including ones in Rainham, Sittingbourne and Canterbury.

Greenpeace climate protesters ahve targeted the bank as they claim Barclays is the biggest funder of fossil fuels among European banks. They want the bank to stop propping up oil, gas and coal companies and move investments into renewable energy companies.

At each branch, images of Barclays customers bearing slogans such as “Barclays Climate Criminals, Stop Funding Fossil Fuels” and “Stop Funding the Climate Emergency” were plastered on windows. It would seem that Greenpeace have overlooked the use of chemicals, which will be required to remove the stickers on the glass.

We are all in favour of saving the planet – but not by causing more destruction

Climate finance campaigner at Greenpeace UK Morten Thaysen said: “Barclays must stop funding the climate emergency, that’s why we’ve taken action today. From floods to bushfires and record heat in Antarctica, the impacts of this crisis are staring us in the face”. When she was reminded that her organisation is called GreenPEACE, she went a bit quiet. We also asked her if the protesters had travelled to the locations by car, but she refused to answer and walked off – probably to light a cigarette.

A statement from Greenpeace said: “Banks funding remains vital to fossil fuel companies. Barclays is the biggest funder of fossil fuels amongst banks in Europe, backing polluters to the tune of $85 billion between 2016 and 2018. This included huge sums globally for some of the dirtiest fuels such as coal and tar sands and fracking companies. The bank has been under increasing pressure from investors to stop offering loans to fossil fuel companies, with Barclays expected to make a statement on the issue in the coming month.” So if Barclays are due to make a statement soon, why did they not wait before making this protest?

A spokesman for Barclays confirmed earlier this afternoon that Sittingbourne’s branch had reopened, after some local youths had managed to crowbar the doors open.

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