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BGT Contestant Helps Gravesham Children Write A Book

A former Britain’s Got Talent Contender is helping some children in Gravesham to write a book about their COVID experiences.

Genny Jones, who goes by the stage name of Confident Queen is supporting children in Gravesham with the  publication of a book on how COVID has affected their lives. 

She wants to turn 30 primary school children into co-authors by creating a book which will showcase poems, art and short stories from the school children. These children will become co-authors of the book, showcasing their talents and skills.

Covid-19 has ravaged many lives across the country, Often the impact it has had on children goes unnoticed

She is working at Confident Children & Parents CIC, who are an organisation that arrange activities with a diverse group of children and provide a safe space for kids to be kids.

Confident Children & Parents CIC provide community support through the holiday periods when parents often struggle with childcare and activities want to address this by giving a voice to those affected by Coronavirus.

They are trying to raise £20,000 via the Fundraiser website, although that is a lot of money to fund one book. They say the money will also be spent on a new website for Confident Children & Parents CIC and hope to employ a part-time student/apprentice to coordinate our activities.

So far, the fundraising has not got off to the best of starts with only £81 pledged so far. You can add a few more quid to the pot by donating here.

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