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Car Park Fine Problems At Leybourne Lakes

In January 2023 KentNews.Online highlighted the anger of Leybourne Lakes visitors at the change to card or app only parking at the lakes.

I personally visited the site for the first time today and would like to share my experience. I tried to pay using a contactless Post Office card and a regular Santander credit card. Both were rejected numerous times.

I went to the cafe, hoping to pay there, only to learn I was the third person on Wednesday 11th October 2023 to experience the problem. I will not load parking or auto pay apps on my phone. But, according to onsite notices non payment rendered me liable to a £100 fine when exiting the car park: even though the machine rejected my, perfectly valid, cards.

The name of the parking system company shown on the car park notice board is “PARKMAVEN” Their commercial website targets car park owners with the offer to “MAXIMISE THEIR PROFITS”. Obviously trapping people entering a car park into a situation where they cannot pay, then issuing a fine when they leave.

What about people without payment cards or smart phones? There is no warning at the entrance to the site regarding method of payment restrictions or fines.

When I arrived home I contacted a very helpful young lady at MTactive who agreed that any fines relating to my stressful visit would be waived. However a visit to take a country walk became a return visit to a car park and very stressful day, which would have been resolved if the onsite cafe could accept car park payment when the machine will not. Both the cafe and the car park are managed via TMactive.

Staff I dealt with pleasant and helpful.
Car parking process by PARKMAVEN is a disgusting setup.

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