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Chaos On Kent Roads Due To Lorry Queues

There are huge problems on Kents motorways today heading towards the coast, as queing lorries are causing extensive delays.

With Operation Brock in full flow, the M20 closure has been extended down to Junction 11 to allow additional capacity and reduce delays on the M20 J7 to J8, in what is now called ‘Brock Zero’. It’s a bit like Coke Zero, where something has been taken away – in this case – common sense!

There are now around 45 miles of lorries sitting on the motorway, without toilets or anywhere to get provisions. Where do the government think the lorry drivers are going to the toilet exactly?

The red lines highlight the amount of excrement running alongside our motorways

To make matters worse, a lorry has managed to become jack-knifed in the queue, exacerbating the problems.

There is not one single cause of this problem, but multiple issues such as the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) IT system being down, the P&O ferry problem, as well as Operation Brock barriers being shifted to allow for more capacity. Not only that, but there is increased traffic on the roads and heading to Dover due to he Easter holidays.

A National Highway spokesperson said: “Due to continued disruption at the Port of Dover caused by a reduced number of ferries, poor weather and high volumes of traffic, the Kent Resilience Forum (KRF) has this afternoon agreed to implement additional traffic management measures alongside Operation Brock.

“These include moving the front of the Operation Brock queue to just before junction 11 on the M20. This will allow port-bound HGVS to remain on the M20.”

Commuters in Kent are also facing the problem every day.

One person said “This is disgusting as anyone who needs to travel anywhere locally A2 M20 A20 just can’t get anywhere – it takes hours – the Brenley roundabout situation is ridiculous.”

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