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Charity Porchlight Says Funding Cuts May Force Hostels To Close

Funding for Kent homelessness services is about to be cut as the new financial year comes into effect from April.

Charity Porchlight say that their ability to support people will be seriously affected and hostels may have to close as a result.

The charity are preparing for a loss of £1m annual funding. This will put the future of their properties for people experiencing homelessness at risk. It’s also forcing them to scale back other work we do, such as homelessness prevention and supporting people via our helpline.

And this is happening during a cost of living crisis and housing emergency that’s pushing an increasing number of Kent residents into homelessness.

We’re working hard to find new sources of income, including fundraising with the public who continue to show so much kindness and support

The future of Porchlight’s hostels is now uncertain: if nothing’s done, the homelessness properties will struggle to stay open. The 181 bed spaces and support they provide for people who would otherwise be on the streets will be lost.

As services are scaled back or lost altogether, it will become harder than ever to help people who are facing homelessness. Remaining services will become massively oversubscribed, reducing the help available for people who desperately need it.

In addition, it’s estimated that Kent’s public sector – our NHS trusts, mental health services, police force, etc –will have to find up to £8 million more every year to support people who would have otherwise been helped by Porchlight and similar organisations.

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