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Critical Incident Declared At Dover Port

A critical incident has been declared by the Port of Dover after 5-hour queues built up outside the port.

Holidaymakers headed to the Port at the start of the summer holidays, only to find they were facing huge delays. It’s not like the Summer holidays happen at the same time every year, but calling it a ‘critical incident’ is a bit excessive?!

In a quick attempt to ‘pass blame’, Chief executive Doug Bannister said the port had been “badly let down” by French border controls.

He said they were “insufficiently resourced” in France and working slower than normal, causing traffic to queue for miles on the Kent side of the Channel.

The Port has accused the French authorities of ruining the summer getaway for thousands of families. In a statement, The Port of Dover said it had made “significant investment” to increase its capacity, and shared traffic volume forecasts “in granular detail with the French authorities”.

The French Authorities are yet to comment – probably because they are “insufficiently resourced” in the corporate affairs department too!

Ferry operator P&O Ferries has advised passengers “There are currently queues in excess of four hours to reach the border controls. Our check-in remains free flowing and once you reach us, we will put you on the first available sailing. Please arrive prepared for a prolonged wait. Carry snacks and additional water with you.”

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