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Current Plans For Swanscombe Park Are Dropped. Is This The End?

Plans for a Multi-million pound resort earmarked for construction on the Swanscombe Pennisula in Kent have been withdrawn after a series of delays caused by green activists and a planning battle with furious locals.

The multi-million pound London Resort had been earmarked for construction between Dartford and Gravesend in Kent, for the last ten years, but is now on hold. Bosses have said that they plan to submit a revised plan later this year.

Current plans to build a £3.5 billion theme park in the UK to rival Disneyland were dropped yesterday after numerous obstacles – including a decision by Natural England to designate the location as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The whole project is once again looking to be in jeophardy, especially after both BBC and ITV both pulled out of the plans amid concerns from wildlife experts over the impact of the park on a tiny spider just 1cm long.

The backlash from conservationists around the distinguished jumping spider – a critically endangered species found in just one other part of the UK – stopped both broadcasters’ interest in the scheme.

Chief Executive of the London Resort, PY Gerbeau, said ‘In the best interests of the London Resort, we are withdrawing the current application; as a result of the classification of Tilbury as a Freeport which has meant revisions are required in moving the ferry terminal from Tilbury to Grays. We are working closely and collaborating with Thurrock Council on that matter. This issue, combined with the decision by Natural England to designate a brownfield contaminated site as a SSSI has impacted the project.’

we recognise that the best route for the Project is through withdrawal and resubmission of a fresh DCO application within this calendar year

Bosses for London Resort, formerly known as Paramount Park have said that they have aquired significant land holdings as part of a mitigation strategy combined with their commitment to spend £150m on environmental improvements on the peninsula. They say that these changes will require withdrawal and resubmission of a planning application.

It would seem that the bosses have not given up their ambitions for the park and are prepared to deal with any issues that they encounter, as they reassess the situation altogether. Gerbeau is confident that they will resubmit an application towards the end of the year.

He said ‘Make no mistake we are still 100% committed to this amazing project and we will resubmit before the end of 2022 and look forward to delivering a world class entertainment resort – the UK deserves better and we will make it happen!’

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