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HomeNewsDuchess Of Cornwall Visits Battersea Centre In Kent

Duchess Of Cornwall Visits Battersea Centre In Kent

The Duchess Of Cornwall visited the Battersea Centre at Brands Hatch yesterday. Apparently her husband, Prince Charles, also joined her on her tour of Kent, although he did not appear keen to get into any photographs.

The Duchess was greeted by a number of staff and furry residents as well as celebrity Paul O’Grady.

The potential future Queen Camila popped into the centre to see the good work that they do with unwell, injured and homeless animals.

The Brands Hatch centre is based in quiet woodlands, which offers a more peaceful and tranquil setting for the animals to recover than their inner city centres.

The Duchess of Cornwall takes an ‘old boy’ for a walk in the woods. A small dog joined them too!

Camila’s dog, Beth, also took part in a challenge known as ‘Temptation Alley’ – where they are encouraged to ignore the treats set out on the path. Beth went head to head with Battersea Ambassador Paul O’Grady’s dog, Sausage, for the training challenge. Well behaved Beth won the challenge!

Following her visit, the Duchess of Cornwall wrote “Thank you Battersea Brands Hatch for a lovely visit – it was great to hear that your fantastic work has helped to rehome over 3,000 dogs and cats over the past five years”.

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