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Friday COVID Wrap-Up

As the people of Kent get used to another 3 weeks of home isolation, there are plenty of people out there still working for a living. Yesterday (Thursday) was also another day for the ‘clap for NHS workers’, so everyone was out on their doorsteps making some noise.

Those that were working also stopped for a few minutes to clap the NHS, including police, delivery drivers and fire brigade. They were also joined by workers from KCC Highways, who stopped in the middle of the A299 to clap. One avid fan also pointed out that they did not follow self-distancing rules, which is difficult when you are laying new roads. Luckily, the picture was recorded from a distance so no one can be taken to one side and punished.

Elsewhere in Kent, the Chatham – Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness (OHSW) team have shown their word skills need some improvement as they fail to get on to TVs ‘Countdown’, after misspelling the word SHOW. But they have been doing a fantastic job since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, ensuring there is a safe and healthy work environment for staff and physicians.

Testing for Coronavirus has also taken a step forward after this sign was spotted in Headcorn. We assume this is for testing, although the sign only states ‘ Assessment’, so you could be asked 20 multiple choice questions instead.

Finally, The Hygiene Bank for Stood and Hoo Peninsula have said that they have received a number of generous donations and so their amazing volunteers are still getting essential products to frontline organisations providing a lifeline to to those most in need. They want to spread the word that they still active & able to support to charities, organisations & schools with donations of hygiene essentials in Medway! They can be contacted on Twitter via @HygieneHoo or you can donate items to their cause here.

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