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Supermarket Workers Doing Wonders to Keep UK Fed

As the UK continues in lockdown, there are plenty of unsung heroes out there, keeping things going. Today we look at supermarket workers, who are continuing to keep the shelves stocked and ‘food on the table’, as Boris likes to say.

They are working tirelessly, putting themselves at risk to keep everyone fed. The NHS staff are doing an amazing job, that goes without saying, but there are plenty more people working hard who also need our thanks.

It could be argued that if you choose a job in the NHS, then you are putting yourself forward to a job with some higher risks in terms of exposure. I doubt there are many people, who at their interview for a supermarket, were asked if they minded working in a high risk environment?

how many supermarket workers thought they would be working in a high risk job?

Yet, there they are, old and young, working away with numerous strangers walking around, getting their groceries all day. From all the people across Kent – and the UK, we would like to give you our thanks too.

Not only have they had to ensure the risk of getting Coronavirus, but they have also been exposed to plenty of angry and annoyed shoppers. They were there when the toilet roll shelves were empty and everyone got nervous about the ‘squits’. They were also there when the pubs got closed and everyone clamoured to get the last bottle of alcohol.

Food is returning and the shelves are looking a big more stocked, but what a time it has been for everyone. As some of us sit at home and get frustrated with another ‘Loose Women’ repeat, they are still at work, in the face of danger.

There will be no Thursday night clap for you (!), as that is reserved for the NHS and carers, but why not do a Friday night shake for all those special food chain workers. Take out a bag of apples, or carrots, or anything else you may have left and shake it in the air to show how much you appreciate their help.

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