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HomeNewsGale-Force Winds To Batter Kent For 18 Hours

Gale-Force Winds To Batter Kent For 18 Hours

The Met Office have warned of Gale-force winds giving the people of Kent a ‘good battering’ like little pieces of fish, from Wednesday evening. The gusts could reach up to 70mph according to our happy weather experts.

The Met Office has put a yellow weather warning in place for the “double-barrelled” storm across the entire country.

They have warned of strong and “gusty winds” and “blustery showers”, which are likely to develop on Wednesday evening and continue into Thursday across England and Wales.

Expect plenty of “Yellow Wind” from Wednesday evening

Gusts of 50-55 mph are possible inland, “especially close to showers”, so you may be better having a bath on Wednesday evening. On coasts and hills the wind may reach 60-70 mph.

Some bus and train services will ” probably” be affected with journeys taking longer, although with many people working from home, it is going to affect less people than usual.

Some short term loss of power and other services is also possible, according to the warning. Parents with children glued to mobile phones and games consoles will be overjoyed by this news!

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