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M20 Falling Into Disrepair

The M20 motorway through Kent is becoming more dangerous as construction work is on hold. The road now has numerous potholes and the road surface is breaking up in many places.

The delays are due to an ongoing investigation into smart motorway safety. But whilst we wait for someone who earns a huge salary to make a decision, the M20 continues to become more like a dirt track than a motorway.

who is checking the m20 to ensure it is still in a safe condition for motorists?

The slow lanes between Aylesford and Detling Hill, both East and West directions are now breaking up badly. This is extremely hazardous to motorists, especially in the wet weather when it is difficult to see. Road users are swerving out of their lane in order to avoid the large holes. This can lead to accidents as the lanes are narrow due ot the road works.

Not only are the roads in a poor condition, but it is almost impossible to see any lane markings either. The approach to the slip road for Bluebell Hill is an abomination where road markings have been placed on top of others – which have been painted over with black tar, has left the road in a mess.

There has been new asphalt laid on the inside lane between the M26 and Aylesford junctions, which looks perfectly smooth. Sadly, someone has decided to leave it coned off so motorists are still unable to use it. In the meantime, we are left with a road where even an off-road vehicle would struggle to traverse.

In the interests of safety, the minimum should be to get the road surface replaced as soon as possible. There is no point delaying this motorway ‘in the interests of safety’ whilst leaving it in such a dangerous condition. At the current time we do not know how long this ‘smart motorway review’ will take, but lives are being put at risk right now.

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