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Man Arrested For Filming Migrants In Dover

A man has been arrested after filming illegal immigrants in Dover. The gentleman was arrested by police for the offence of “breaching the peace”.

The video shows him filming migrants as they queue to board a coach, whilst surrounded by UK border officials. The officials were keen not to be filmed and were making sure their faces were covered.

Despite the mans protests that he is standing in a public car park, he was read his rights by a policeman, before being taken away and handcuffed.

The video can be viewed here

It is currently unknown if he will face charges or let off with a warning.

Those who have viewed the video were quick to point out that the majority of the migrants were young, fit healthy men. There were no women or children present. Questions are being asked why these men are being allowed into the country? They are not fleeing a war zone or coming here for protection, they are coming to the UK to look for well paid work.

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