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Met Office Issue Warning Of Ice

The UK Met Office have issued a warning for people to be aware of icy conditions today.

Ice usually occurs after snowy conditions, which is compacted during the day and then freezing into ice overnight. Today is no different and yesterdays snow has indeed turned to slippery ice.

What is unusual about today, is that the ‘yellow’ weather warning has been issued for East Kent areas, such as Canterbury, Thanet, Ashford, Dover, Folkestone and Sheerness.

Today’s yellow weather warning – courtesy of the UK Met Office

Any poor soul who lives in West Kent and has fallen onto their bottom this morning will confirm that West Kent has its own fair share of ice too. There was plenty of snow around the high ground near Detling and Wrotham, which has contributed to the icy conditions today.

Weather experts say there could be some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces

We interviewed one man from West Kent this morning who nearly came to grief as he stepped out of his front door this morning “Yeah, it’s blumin slippery out here, I nearly stacked it just walking around my car. I can confirm it is icy”.

Another Kent resident said “Yellow ice? That’s definitely something to be avoided”.

So there we go folks, it is going to be a cold, icy day across all of Kent. The Met Office say the warning will be in place until 10am today, but we think there will still be ice around after 10am as it is so cold today, so please take care if you have to go outside.

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