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Mitsubishi Lancer Driver Caught Speeding

A driver of an exotic imported Japanese car has been caught speeding by Kent police.

The silly ‘sushi roll’ (well we really cannot call them a sausage!) went flying past an unmarked police car early on Tuesday morning, without noticing they were being tracked.

A police speed detector recorded their speed at 106mph, which is quite impressive for someone not wanting to be caught.

Congratulations sir, you win a summons to court!

The unmarked police car pulled the ‘speedster’ over and the driver has been reported for speeding.

Driving at 100mph on public roads in the UK is classified as a Band C speeding offence – the highest category. Any drivers caught at this speed will receive a summons to a magistrates’ court rather than a fixed penalty notice, with a good chance of being given six points on your driving licence if convicted.

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