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More ULEZ Cameras Taken Down Across County

There has been a further spate of damage to ULEZ cameras as the so-called ‘Bladerunners’ continue to deactivate monitoring equipment.

The latest target is a camera/traffic light pole at Lennard Road/Kent House Road, just 200m from the gates of a local secondary school in Beckenham. Locals are annoyed that the damage in taking out the traffic lights is endangering lives of people going about their daily lives.

Last week, a number of cameras were taken down in Orpington, as the protest against the charging scheme continues.

There is a wide range of viewpoints on the situation. Those affected by the charges or on low income tend to be in support of the Bladerunners continuing damage. Those directly affected or endangered by the vandalism to traffic lights tend to have an opposing opinion.

Whatever your thoughts, it would appear that ULEZ is here to stay and the fight against the scheme is going to continue for some time.

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