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MSV Cancels Summer Wednesday Car Meets At Brands Hatch

MotorSport Vision Limited (MSV) owners of Brands Hatch have issued a statement to announce that all future Summer Wednesday car Meets have been cancelled.

The statement says that a minority have “acted completely irresponsibly” when leaving the circuit and this has left them with no choice but to cancel remaining events.

The events affected by the cancellation were scheduled for 27th July and 24th August 2022.

The senseless minority spoiling it for everyone else yet again

The car meets were a place for ‘petrolheads’ to meet up to display their tuned vehicles and run them on the track. Sadly, it would appear that a small number have decided to continue their exhibition onto the public roads by doing burnouts and driving at high speed.

This is not only causing issues with local residents but is extremely dangerous for other road users. It is a shame that the ‘minority’ could not be detected by MSV officials and banned from all future events rather than shutting down the whole event for everyone.

The full statement from MSV can be viewed here.

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