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HomeNewsMum In Despair As 10-year-old Autistic Son Refused Special School

Mum In Despair As 10-year-old Autistic Son Refused Special School

Temiloluwa is a 10-year-old non-verbal autistic boy who was excited to move from Hackney, London to Sittingbourne with his family in July of 2022 but this joy was short-lived when he was confined to his home for many months because no special school will enrol him.

Temi’s mother’s heart sinks every morning when he tries to go with his little brother to his school. She painstakingly tries to explain to him that he will find his own school soon but she cannot shake the hurt she feels seeing him so sad.

Temi’s new home is a 3-minute walk to one of the special schools in Sittingbourne. His mum has contacted more than 14 school all over Kent but she was turned down because only Kent council has authority over admission. KCC has sent several consultations to schools on Temi’s behalf that has been turned down due to capacity issues. The Hackney professionals who used to support Temi have contacted the Kent council on several occasions but they have not responded favourably.

Mum has contacted MP Gordon Henderson Nov 2022 & March 2023 and still waiting for a response. Mum is at her wit’s end because there is no school willing to enrol Temi in September for the 2023 session. The future looks bleak for Temi who has had to stay back at home for 10 months and may have to stay at home indefinitely. His family has to make sacrifices and take time off to stay at home with him so he doesn’t feel isolated or alienated.

This experience has taken its toll on Temi and his family members. This is causing Temi’s mum emotional and psychological distress and doesn’t want to continue to struggle by herself. The question is what will it take to see and help special children who need the most support? No one should be left behind because every child matters! Help Temi and many other children find a school and get the support they need.

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