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North Thanet Link Consultation Opens Tomorrow

The North Thanet Link improvement scheme public consultation proviced by KCC opens tomorrow, giving people a chance to give feedback and answer a questionnaire. The consultation is open from Thursday 11th May to Wednesday 14th June.

The project seeks to support the A28 highway corridor by improving local journeys through a combination of new road links, road widening, junction improvements and new walking and cycling facilities.

Road users travelling on the A28 Canterbury Road corridor often experience high volumes of traffic, which can result in congestion and road safety concerns. The busy nature of this road, along with the type of traffic using it on a regular basis, can act as a deterrent to pedestrians and cyclists as it creates an intimidating environment for non-car users.

Whether you support the proposed design or have some concerns about it, KCC want to hear your views

Without highway improvements these issues are likely to be made worse by future development, which will generate further traffic and travel demand on this stretch of road.

Due to the historic layout and space constraints, particularly through Birchington Square, there is limited opportunity to improve road capacity along the existing A28. Therefore, an alternative highway route has been identified to improve journey time reliability, network resilience and road safety.

This consultation provides details of the proposed scheme, including its aims and objectives, the route and current design.

The consultation page can be found here.

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