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Possible Flooding In Kent

Following the huge amounts of rain that have fallen across the county over the weekend, the Environment Agency have warned of possible flooding.

Staff from the Environment Agency have been out over the weekend to clear drain blockages and monitoring the situation. The areas that are most at risk of flooding is the River Stour near Canterbury and the River Medway in Maidstone. There is also a flood risk on the Isle Of Sheppey at Warden Bay.

Areas at risk of floods over the next few days

Although Monday is looking to be a drier day, the outlook for Tuesday and Wednesday still looks bad, as another large weather front moves in, bringing heavy showers with it.

In Ashford and in Wye, a flood warning is in place due to the Stour, however the situation is expected to benefit from today’s dry weather.

While no large scale flooding is expected along the River Darent from Westerham to Dartford, the Environment Agency do declare a yellow warning near Hawley, especially as further rain is expected for the remainder of the week.

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