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Revolutionising Personal Care Through Time to Listen

In a progressive move that underscores its commitment to revolutionising elderly care, Haslington Lodge Care Home in Greenhithe has amplified its focus on person-centred strategies through its innovative “Time to Listen” programme, an initiative emerging from the home’s insightful Resident Meetings.

Time to Listen isn’t just a pledge to listen, it drives their care. “Residents at Haslington Lodge aren’t just recipients of care; they’re active participants in shaping it” says Rachel Lucas, Manager at Haslington Lodge Care Home “By placing resident needs and desires at the forefront, we are not just attending to their physical health but recognising them as individuals with unique stories, emotions, and aspirations. Our approach goes beyond the conventional; it’s care that listens before it acts.”

This transformative approach is rooted in deep understanding and respect for each resident’s personal environment, abilities, feelings, past experiences, and cultural background. Care plans don’t follow a template—they evolve from conversations, from understanding preferences, and from recognising each resident’s distinct life journey.

The impact of this empathetic, resident-first strategy is profound. Residents don’t just thrive physically; they flourish in a holistic sense. By involving them in decisions regarding their health and everyday living, the program fosters a sense of community and belonging. Residents feel more engaged and valued, pivotal in a phase of life where isolation and marginalisation are common struggles.

Rachel goes on to say: “We’ve seen a tangible reduction in feelings of depression and anxiety among our residents. Active involvement and personal control in care decisions are powerful antidotes to the mental health issues that often accompany old age.”

Time to Listen has not just changed life at Haslington Lodge; it’s setting a new standard for care homes everywhere. By recognising that quality care is more than just routine and medication—it’s dignity, respect, and genuine connection—Haslington Lodge is not just a care home. It’s a community where every voice matters, and every story is honoured.

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