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Seal Appears In Central Maidstone

A small seal pup has been spotted in the Medway river near Central Maidstone.

The small creature was seen clambering out of the river yesterday, in between bouts of heavy rain from Storm Ciaran.

Only last month a seal was seen by Maidstone East railway station bridge, close to Maidstone United FC. It is not known if the animal seen yesterday is the same one.

Animal experts were called to check on the animal and are not concerned, but say people should keep their distance and avoid interacting with the wild animal.

It is not uncommon for seals to come through the centre of Maidstone and they have been seen as far up as East Farleigh. The seals come through Allington Lock and often stay for several weeks. Seals spend a lot of time on land and should not be disturbed, therefore dog owners should be aware and keep their dogs away.

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