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Stour Valley Game Win Big Award

Stour Valley Game company have won a big award at the annual Countryside Alliance awards. The Kent winners were joined by lots of extremely happy people after the awards, in one of the cheeriest photoshoots of the year so far.

The company, who are based in Chilam, won the award for National Game Champions. The awards are known as the ‘Rural Oscars’ and are held at the Palace of Westminster in London.

How the winners got away with a photo like that during these COVID times is anyone’s guess, there’s not a bit of social distancing going on with that bunch. At least the bloke on the far right of the photo is keeping lookout for any approaching cops!

Perhaps it’s not a recent photo at all, which would add even more confusion to the cooking pot considering the Kent’s Farmers Market posted the snap alongside this social media post only two hours ago. A bit too much of the old red wine with your gamey dinner tonight perhaps?!

It appears the award winners are presented with a lovely large metal plaque, which will be perfect to bash poor pheasants and partridges with. Anyway, congratulations to the winners, it doesn’t really matter to us as we prefer our game still breathing!

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