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Supercar Transporter Crashes Near Brands Hatch

A transporter carrying ‘luxury’ cars overturned on the A20 outside Brands Hatch on Wednesday evening, 23rd August 2023. Police were called at 7.57pm to the incident on the A20 near Farningham.

The vehicles are thought to be used to provide driving experiences at the racing circuit and included an Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo and an Audi.

The crashed vehicles included a race-tuned Mercedes AMG

The transporter driver escaped with only a minor injury. The cause of the crash is currently unknown, although it is a strange one considering the A20 is a relatively fast, wide road. It is thought that either the vehicle was speeding or there was a machanical failure.

The insurance company is said to be ‘not happy’.

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