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Supermarkets Relax Restrictions

Supermarkets across the UK have begun to remove restrictions on the number of products customers can purchase. So you can now buy as many packets of cornflakes as you want.

When the coronavirus pandemic first struck the country, there was a surge in panic buying, leading shelves of all supermarkets to be stripped bare. Now the country is in lockdown, the demand for food has subsided, especially as people’s store cupboards are full. The food supply chain is in full flow and food is now returning to most stores.

Aldi is now scrapping limits completely on all but a few item, so customers will be able to purchase as many items as they want of most items. The only limitation is just how many pieces of fence or DIY machinery from the middle isle you will be able to carry. However, customers will only be allowed to purchase four of some – including hand wash and soap, toilet roll, certain canned goods and alcohol – and two of antibacterial hand gel, UHT milk and baby formula. Is that a four-pack of toilet roll or 4 lots of 24-pack rolls? It’s all a bit confusing.

Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda have also removed some limits and changed others, although it will all be guess work until you get there and find out for yourself. Morrisons is upping the limits on some items from three to four per customer and removing some altogether to make it easier for people to donate to food banks.

every supermarket has different rules – to give you more to think about whilst sitting at home

Waitrose is removing its cap on all fresh food, so meat, fish, poultry and other fresh goods can now be purchased freely along with fruit and vegetables. The Duchy specials will still offer the best produce from Prince Charles, without a hint of the virus. Alcohol and Easter Eggs are also unrestricted now, to really help the British diet return to normal.

Asda is removing limits on fruit and vegetables and chilled products, knowing that their average British customer will not be interested in fresh produce anyway.

Finally, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Co-op are not changing their policies on restrictions at the moment.

If you are looking to get a food order delivered, you still have no chance, unless you are prepared to sit in front of your computer for endless days waiting for a slot to become available. It is a mystery where these deliveries are going at the moment, but you have more chance of eating roadkill then you do of getting your weekly shop dropped off to your front door.

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