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UCU Strikes Continue Across The UK

The UCU strikes are continuing across the country with more University staff forming picket lines today. The School of Psychology at the University of Kent has joined in with the dispute, with a number of staff protesting.

At least 25 people from The School of Psychology have been seen outside their building, ignoring recent government advice to not form large congregations for fear of spreading the coronavirus. They have also made a right mess of the grass verge.

A less imposing picket line – although some idiot has scrawled grafitti on the building

The UCU strikes are based around four main issues – all linked to pay, working hours and pensions. Whilst the staff continue to strike, students are missing out on lectures and it is causing issues around exams.

A UCU striker said that they want to get back to work and are waiting for uni management and USS/UCEA to ‘sort it out’.

Another striker said ” Thank you to Alison from Drama who made and gave me this lovely hat in UCU colours for picketing with”. #Priorities

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