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A Kent Coronavirus Preppers Diary

With the UK in the midst of a Coronavirus outbreak, we follow one Kent Prepper as they prepare for the worst.

Read our obsessive nonconformists diary as they share their ‘light-hearted’ story, describing the steps they are taking to get ready for the impending apocolypse.

Day 42 – Saturday – 11th April 2020

The nut jobs are about today. Glorious weather and everyone feels like they are immune to the disease. It is quite frustrating being indoors whilst coidiots so about doing what they want. I wish this country would treat idiots like idiots and stop being so soft all the time.

Day 41 – Friday – 10th April 2020

Easter Friday has arrived, so I am ready to settle down for a nice long weekend. Although to be honest, every day seems to merge into the next, so it’s strange how you lose track of what day is. Now I know what it feels like to be retired. It also explains why so many old people get confused.

Day 40 – Thursday – 9th April 2020

The last day before Easter and the supermarkets are busier than ever. Luckily i was ahead of the general public and got my essentials, but even at my small local shop, the queue is huge. People are so used to convenience these days, they have no idea how to plan ahead. At least that is to my advantage.

Day 39 – Wednesday – 8th April 2020

The Chinese city of Wuhan (where Coronavirus began, if you have had your head in a bucket recently) returned to normal daily life today – well almost. So whilst they can go about their business, the rest of the world is on its knees. It does give us a glimmer of hope, that one day this will be over. But if they had controlled the damn virus in the first place, we could still be going about our own daily business, without worrying every time someone coughs!

Day 38 – Tuesday – 7th April 2020

A man has become an ‘internet sensation’ for running up his stairs to match the height of Everest. It’s all good high jinks, but for every time he had to run up the stairs, he had to come back down again. And what would of happened if he had tripped and busted his ankle? He wouldn’t be such a hero then – plus a trip to hospital would have put him at high risk. These are not times to be taking chances that could leave you injured. Stay safe indoors by doing something safe.

Day 37 – Monday – 6th April 2020

What have some of your isolation meals been like? Today I went for some delicious ‘sweet and sour’ sauce, but had no chicken. So I mixed in a few odd sausages and created a taste sensation. It was scrummy. Living off odds and ends mean you have to get creative, but sometimes you can surprise yourself.

Day 36 – Sunday – 5th April 2020

So the ‘covidiots’ have been out in force today. One family chose to drive from Bromley to Folkestone, whilst parks have been crammed full of sunbathers. If they get caught, they may get a warning! Really?!! Surely, the police have to get tough from the outset. The rules are clear and this is no time to go gently on these fools. Get tough or stay indoors is the only way to deal with stupid people.

Day 35 – Saturday – 4th April 2020

It is a beautiful day, the sun is out and all feels normal. But it is not. Today more than ever, I am conscious of feeling guilty of doing some gardening when poor NHS workers are trying to save lives. It feels like the hospitals are in a bubble and a lot of people are so outside the bubble, it’s all to easy to forget what is going on.

Day 34 – Friday – 3rd April 2020

Another trip to the supermarket today, as essentials were beginning to run low. Although things have improved, it was still a shock to see shelves stripped. There was not one single packet of crisps left. Have crisps become the new toilet rolls or is everyone just preparing for a movie night this weekend?

Day 33 – Thursday – 2nd April 2020

So many UK citizens are being furloughed by their companies, which on the face of it seems a good idea, but to some, it’s like a free holiday. That is not good if the government is expecting people to sit indoors. For those with over one brain cell, it is the right thing to do, for those who come up a bit short on brain power, let’s see what stupid activities they get up to over the coming days.

Day 32 – Wednesday – 1st April 2020

Although everyone is hoping for a breakthrough soon, the numbers of infected and dying is still rising. Over in America, the virus is now taking hold, despite Trump previously tellign everyone it is nothing to worry about. Finally, Trump has woken up to reality or perhaps he has been exposed as a fraud. One of his close friends is now in a coma and now he decides to take this thing seriously. How does the guy manage to stay in power? Perhaps he is the greatest politician, because nothing seems to stick, no matter what he says. That really is the skill of a great leader.

Day 31 – Tuesday – 31st March 2020

So the headline news today is that the police are being told off for hassling people out walking. They are not walking along the High Street, but across moors and mountains – during a lockdown. The police have said it is goldilocks policing, not too much..not too little. What a joke the UK has become. We are in the middle of the worst pandemic known in our lifetime and now the police are being rapped across the knuckles for doing gtheir job. I actually feel sorry for them. We need strict measures to deal with the idiots who cannot following simple instructions.

Day 30 – Monday – 30th March 2020

The buzz word at the moment is ‘essential’, as in – what is an essential journey? Everybody has a different opinion of what is essential. For me, it’s a ham and coleslaw sandwich, hence I will have to go out to get some more ‘slaw’. Some older people like to read a newspaper, now is the daily rag really an essential purchase? My friend Dave prefers his reading material a bit more glossy, as he likes something from the ‘top shelf’. Now to me that’s not ‘essential’, but for poor old Dave, he can’t live without it!

Day 29 – Sunday – 29th March 2020

As if the world have not been turned upside down enough, today we have snow. My initial thought was that it may help to keep peeple inside – but my next thought was that I can see the entire population of the UK outside building snowmen. Thankfully it was only a small amount, but at least it gave the children something else to focus on for a few minutes.

Day 28 – Saturday – 28th March 2020

How unusual Saturdays have become from the norm. Ususally the day is spent doing DIY and various other jobs, but as I am not going to a DIY shop I’m a bit stuck. There have been reports that some people are going to DIY places, but I’m not going to be one of them. Risking my life for a tin of paint is not a good way to go. There’s not even football scores to check at 4.30pm today, what a strange time.

Day 27 – Friday – 27th March 2020

The problem for any prepper, is that the longer any containment goes on for, the more chance there is of having to go out. Staying in has become the new going out, so to venture back onto the streets is an unusual experience. At least the food supply is being maintained and the shelves have more stock. I feel uneasy walking around a supermarket these days, but at least the tape on the floor, marking out boxes to stand in is going to save me. Thank goodness for black and yellow tape – it could save the human race!

Day 26 – Thursday – 26th March 2020

This evening everybody (or some!) people did the stand outside and clap for the NHS. Whilst I admire every person that works for the NHS and are putting their lives at risk for us, there were two things I noticed. One – some people were standing outside in groups, putting themselves at risk and in turn, putting more pressure on the NHS. Second – I do not dislike Boris Johnson and as I saw him standing outside No.10 clapping, all I could think was that it should have been “put your hand in your pocket for the NHS”. Some of these poor people are on low wages, without a pay rise in years and some of the hospital staff work the most ridiculously long shifts. Anyway, continue as you were.

Day 25 – Wednesday – 25th March 2020

It is unusual that some people cannot stand being indoors for so long under lockdown conditions, whilst others could remain out of the public domain indefinitely. These days it does feel safer to be indoors and I am more than happy to tuck myself away. There is plenty to be getting on with, tidying, decorating, painting, arts and crafts, playing games and if I become really desperate, there’s always Joe Wicks the personal trainer or the Green Goddess to gawp at on the television. I did mean REALLY desperate!

Day 24 – Tuesday – 24th March 2020

So lockdown has begun in the UK and so far……there’s even more people on the streets than before! The sun is out and everyone seems to be using their free time to ‘go for a walk’. If you had asked them to go for a walk any other time, you wouldn’t see them for dust, but now we have a global pandemic on our hands, everyone is now an avid walker.

Day 23 – Monday – 23rd March 2020

Pot Noodle – the food of survival champions. What would we do without this British classic. Just a small amount of hot water and you have a meal to fill half of your stomach. Plus it has the added benefit of vegetables – well, I’m sure I found a pea at the bottom. It appeared green, and it looked like a pea to me. Perhaps they should just issue enough pot noodles across the country for the next two weeks and we will all be saved.

Day 22 – Sunday – 22nd March 2020

It’s Mothers Day and a very sunny one too! That’s not good news as it’s going to bring out all the sun worshippers and insect brains. It’s not long before the beaches and promenades are swarming with activity. It’s time to sound the sirens to send them all scurrying back indoors, like the indestructible cockroaches that they think they are.

Day 21 – Saturday – 21st March 2020

Pubs and cafes are still open. What does it take to make people comply? Sadly, it would seem extreme measures are going to be the only way. We have the advantage that we are behind other countries, so we can use them to see where we will be going. Getting tough now seems to be the only choice, sadly our government want to take the softly, softly approach but believe us, it’s not going to work. Get tough now and save us all the time wasting.

Day 20 – Friday – 20th March 2020

So our Prime Minister has decided to close all restaurants, cafes and bars, but not until late this evening. Guess how many people are going to be out on the town tonight, making sure they get their fair share of alcohol – and bacteria too! Why would he give them the opportunity to go out in the first place? He should have closed them from 6pm, stopping anyone with less than 10 brain cells of doing something silly, but entirely predictable. The human race needs saving from itself.

Day 19 – Thursday – 19th March 2020

I’m wondering why we just don’t shut the country down for two weeks, except for essential workers. Everyone is now suffering , but I’m convinced we could all survive for two weeks to give this virus a sharp shock. I don’t care if they want to send the military out to stop people coming out and enforce a curfew. Is it not better to endure two weeks of isolation than have 12 weeks or more of trying to contain this thing but not really getting on top of it? If there is no-one to spread the infection then it will have to stop spreading sooner rather than later, then we can all get back to doing what we need.

Day 18 – Wednesday – 18th March 2020

So the schools have been instructed to close and there are queues at supermarkets now, it looks like people are starting to take this seriously. But it’s not all bad news, as, according to the news, the canals in venice are looking the cleanest they have in years. Not sure how that is going to save us, but at least we know in the event of an apocalypse, our rivers and streams will improve.

Day 17 – Tuesday – 17th March 2020

If anyone is wondering why panic buying is happening, the photo should say it all. The large supermarkets are struggling and the shelves are empty. Luckily, some supermarkets are allocating one hour a day for the over 70s to do their food shopping. I’m not sure one hour will be enough. Can you imagine them all struggling to get around the aisles and find some food to put in their trollies before the time runs out and the masses enter. Even during more normal times, I never got round a supermarket without having to wait, whilst an elderly couple stand in front of the beans having an indepth discussion about which variety to purchase.

Day 16 – Monday – 16th March 2020

I have just noticed that my diary is now longer than the standard quarantine period for the UK. It’s not been too bad being indoors really, especially as its rather chilly outside. I don’t fancy our chances once the summer heat arrives. Any excuse for people to get outside and flaunt a bit of white skin. Lots of people working from home now – I just wish they would use their own home, it’s getting a bit crowded here!

Day 15 – Sunday – 15th March 2020

A very quiet day both inside and out. Not many people out on the roads and nothing much to watch on the television. All this sitting around doing nothing is making me more hungry than usual – which is not a good thing at this time. If this goes on for as long as they say, perhaps I will need to train my belly to survive on smaller portions!

Day 14 – Saturday – 14th March 2020

It feels like the world is spinning out of control, but it’s getting harder to distinguish between truth and fiction. There was a minor panic in our local shop today when a delivery of toilet rolls arrived. It was a surreal experience to see two old ladies staggering out of the shop whilst balancing 48 toilet rolls each on their wheelie-zimmer-frames.

Day 13 – Friday – 13th March 2020

The supermarkets now have empty shelves where toilet rolls used to live. This really is turning into a crisis. What is someone supposed to do if you run out of loo roll? I’m not going to go and do it in the garden!! There will be people camping outside Tesco’s soon, waiting for the next delivery to arrive. Perhaps Tesco’s will do a raffle to decide who will be the lucky winner of a pack of 6!

Day 12 – Thursday – 12th March 2020

Italy is now in shutdown and we are predicted to be 9 – 13 days behind them. It should give the authorities time to put corrective measures in place, so that we can learn from countries like Italy and China. We certainly did not learn when it comes to toilet rolls, or hand sanitizer. Perhaps we should just all stop for two weeks and then hopefully this thing will go away.

Day 11 – Wednesday – 11th March 2020

Today we learn that the UK Health Minister has the Coronavirus. Not only that, but she has been ‘hanging around’ with other ministers all week. Surprisingly, there is no mention of how she may have contracted the virus. It doesn’t fill us with much confidence that our goverment have this situation under control, especially as they are still allowing people to walk through our airports untested. Defintely seems like we have to make the best decisions for ourselves at this time as the situation changes daily.

Day 10 – Tuesday – 10th March 2020

Although the UK seems to be coping quite well, Italy are now under lockdown. Italians are now queuing to get into supermarkets, where there is a 1 metre zone enforced around each person. Its not surprising that UK residents are getting a bit twitchy and stocking up. If it was not for the media, we would probably not even be aware of Coronavirus – I bet most people do not know anyone who has got it.

Day 9 – Monday – 9th March 2020

There is a feeling of everyone being busy today. The shops are busy, the roads are busy and people seem busy. It’s almost like they are getting ready before battening down the hatches before a big storm. If the authorities did some proper tests at the airports we may not have a storm, but it looks like they are being allowed to walk off the planes and into the country. You need to stop a leak, not let it keep trickling for too long.

Day 8 – Sunday – 8th March 2020

The supermarkets are saying that some goods are low or running out and they are going to restrict what shoppers can purchase. So if there was not a rush to stockpile before, there certainly will be a rush now. What about those who just want to buy some baked beans because they like them? Sadly it looks like things will get worse before they get any better.

Day 7 – Saturday – 7th March 2020

I have made it to the weekend and the world seems to be operating as normal. I had to use a cash point and it was only once I had put my card into the machine, I realised the keypad buttons could be dirty. I had no gloves to use so ended up using my ‘pinkie’ to type in my pin. I then had to hold my finger away from the others, my clothes and ensure I did not touch my face all the way home That was stressful.

Day 6 – Friday – 6th March 2020

With the mainstream media displaying photographs of empty shelves at supermarkets, it’s time to head out once more. Feels like all my free time is spent walking around shops these days, looking for food that will last for more than five minutes. After getting home and lugging heavy bags into the house in the pouring rain, I proudly unpack my purchased items on the kitchen table. My wife is quick to spot a jar of ‘sweet and sour’ sauce. “What are you going to serve that with?” she enquires. “If we are starving, we can have it with some of that pasta” I reply. “You can’t serve sweet and sour with pasta – you’re going to have to go back out and get some plain rice”. #firstworldproblems

Day 5 – Thursday – 5th March 2020

Had to visit the hospital today for a long standing appointment. Seemed to be busienss as usual apart from one person who had decided to wear a face mask underneath their chin. I decided not to approach them to set them straight – it may have upset them even more. The result of my visit is that I found out I am in a higher risk category than the average person – how reassuring!

Day 4 – Wednesday – 4th March 2020

Checking my store cupboard today, so far I have some pasta and cup-a-soups. The cup-a-soups do not expire until 2021, so they are worth keeping for as long as possible. The dreamy taste of Minestrone soup will keep me going. Not sure what I am going to put with the pasta yet – might have to eat plain pasta if it comes to it. My friends think I’ve gone mad – just wait until they run out of cup-a-soups and then I can look smug, as they come begging for some of mine.

Day 3 – Tuesday – 3rd March 2020

News headlines are showing shelves stripped of essentials. I head to the local supermarket early. As I round the corner to the toilet roll section, I’m shocked to find only 3 packs of 9-rolls in peach left. There is a rather large woman who has spotted me and she is eyeing up the very same packs that I am. With a backside the size of hers, she’s gonna go through all of them in no time. I race her to the toilet rolls and manage to get my hands on one pack – success!

Day 2 – Monday – 2nd March 2020

Coronavirus has arrived in Kent according to the media, so there is no time to lose. Headed straight for the supermarket only to find there is no hand gel anywhere. This is a bad start and I’m already behind the curve. No hand santitizer means so hand shaking anymore – must remember to keep hands to myself from now on.

Day 1 – Sunday – 1st March 2020

With Coronavirus getting ever closer, it is time to start making a plan. Whilst I recognise it isn’t time to panic, it is time to get ahead of those that are beginning to panic. What kind of plan do I need to write, will I even have electricity and gas to use in the next few months? Time to write a shopping list so that I can get some essentials over the next few days.

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