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When Will Kent’s Tier Status Be Reviewed?

Following a weekend of overcrowding in Central London, the people of Kent are asking when the Tier status for Kent will be reviewed.

The short answer is that the government will review tiers every two weeks, so in theory, the new review will take place on 16th December. This process will continue until at least the end of March 2021.

There is discontent that people living in Kent that whilst they are unable to mix with other households, there were ‘swarms’ of shoppers not following COVID restrictions in London.

As thousands of people decided to get their Christmas shopping underway, shoppers hit the high streets in their droves to do Christmas shopping after outlets re-opened following the lifting of the nationwide restrictions. London’s Regent Street was rammed with people at the start of what was expected to be a £1.5billion spending spree on Saturday.

Many were not wearing face masks or following Covid social distancing guidelines

A huge crowd formed in Covent Garden. London remains in Tier 2 in the new tier system during the pandemic. Those living in Tier 2 can socialise outdoors with people outside their household, as long as they observe the rule of six.

Christmas revellers gathered in Covent Garden on Saturday night as crowds formed to listen to some live music. Drinkers braved the cold weather as they socialised in a large crowd holding drinks and dancing.

In Knightsbridge, a large group of youths blocked entrances to Harrod’s in frightening scenes. Police were forced to disperse the group, although 4 people were arrested and a security guard was injured.

People are asking if London should have been placed in Tier 3 too? There are some that think that London was allowed to be in Tier 2 to save some of the large retailers based in the capital.

It is slightly strange that Kent residents can jump on a train and head up to London, where they could be at higher risk due to the overcrowding, than if they remained in their own county.

It did not take a rocket scientist to work out that the shops were going to be heaving with shoppers on the first weekend out of lockdown. Sadly we will not see the results of this weekend in the infection data for another two weeks. It could be a bit too late for some by then….

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