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10,000 Asylum Seekers Granted Amnesty By Government

Nearly 10,000 migrants who reached Britain in the past four months were last night granted an ‘amnesty’ from the Government’s tough new immigration measures.

In a major concession to get the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill through Parliament, it will now apply only to migrants who reach the UK after the legislation gains Royal Assent.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman had previously said any migrants who arrived since March by ‘irregular’ routes – such as on dinghies across the Channel – would be barred from making asylum claims. But in a huge backward step, the Government have gone back on their word to allow the 9,622 migrants who arrived on small boats between 7th March and Sunday 9th July 2023.

The concession by the Home Secretary means they will now be able to claim asylum under existing rules – meaning many are likely to stay in Britain indefinitely.

The Government’s Bill has suffered 20 defeats in the House of Lords as peers seek to dilute its measures. It now faces a difficult series of votes in the Commons as the Government seeks to remove the peers’ changes.

If it passes through today and tomorrow, the Bill could gain Royal Assent – and become law – within days.

the exploitation of children and vulnerable people cannot continue

The Home Office confirmed that 269 migrants reached Britain across the Channel on Sunday, bringing the total so far this year to 12,772, compared with 13,286 at the same point last year.

Mrs Braverman, thinking that people still believe what she says, said ‘This Bill forms a crucial part of our action to stop the boats and ensure people do not risk their lives by making illegal and unnecessary journeys to the UK. Today’s amendments will help this crucial legislation pass through Parliament swiftly, whilst continuing to send a clear message that the exploitation of children and vulnerable people, used by criminals and ferried across the Channel, cannot continue.’

Although 10,000 is a lot of people, considering the Conservative Government let in 1.2 million legally last year, this number is just a literal drop in the ocean for our ever rrowing population.

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