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Anchor & Hope Pub In New Ash Green Burns Down

A fire at the former Anchor and Hope pub in New Ash Green has caused extensive damage to the building structure.

Firefighters were called to the old pub at around 6pm on Sunday evening, 16th April, as the flames took hold in the roof structure.

At the height of the fire, there were eight fire engines, 40 fire-fighters plus a bulk water container in attendance. The fire was under control by 9.30pm and the number of crews reduced.

Police are treating a fire at the derelict pub as a suspected arson attack. The pub had been closed for over a year and sold to a developer, who applied for permission to build 6 luxury houses on the site.

The council refused and planning was granted for demolition and erecting one luxury dwelling or the original building to be converted into a house. It was not long after that decision that the site was put up for sale again.

Although the fire should not affect the existing planning consent, which allowed for demolition and erection of one dwelling and the council should make sure they enforce this.

But it is incredible how old pubs appear to be the most combustible buildings in the country!

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