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Call To Avoid Rip-Off Fuel Stations

With fuel prices increasing faster than ever before, mainly due to a certain Mr Putin and his plastic Red army, there is a growing call to avoid rip-off fuel stations.

Fuel prices are jumping around all over the place and it is difficult to work out the cheapest places to fill up your vehicle.

Sadly, some stations have decided to make the most of the situation and charge ridiculous amounts for petrol and diesel. We all know the ones in question, they are usually on busy motorway services where they can pick off the most desperate customers who need to refuel and end up paying through the nose to do so.

This strategy of ripping off people has now gone too far according to many. Just yesterday, a BP fuel station on the A2 near Canterbury was seen to be charging 183p for petrol. The average across Kent is between 150 -160p.

Other fuel companies are just as bad, charging huge prices compared to standard supermarket prices.

if you see an extortionate place, shop around and go elsewhere

Small independent owners argue that they cannot buy in bulk like the supermarkets can – which is a fair argument. But it does not wash with the likes of BP, Shell and Esso who all have large buying powers, but choose to increase their prices at service stations.

There is now a call to boycott these petrol stations until the prices are reduced to something more reasonable. The only way we will see change is to vote with our wallets.

This will take some careful planning and finding cheaper fuel stations in your area, but the long-term benefits could be worth it. If you have had enough of rip-off Britain, then do the right thing and save yourself some money too – only use the cheap stations from now on and be money conscious.

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