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Petition To Stop Sheppey Cement Works

A petition has been created to protest about a proposed new concrete works within the historic docks in Sheerness.

The petitioners say that the concrete production process will be detrimental to air quality on the island.  They also complain that the site itself is expected to be in operation 24/7 which is unreasonable for a growing residential area. 

Hercules Enterprises is applying to Kent County Council (KCC) for permission for the plant to create up to 500,000 tonnes of cement a year, with raw materials imported through the docks.

The company, which is based in Southampton and describes itself as a builders merchant, wants to construct the plant next to the reclaimed Lappel Bank on land currently used for storing building materials and imported vehicles or those waiting to be exported

if this goes ahead, our homes will be left in the middle of an industrial zone

In a public notice advert, KCC admitted the proposal “may affect the character and or appearance of the Sheerness Royal Naval Dockyard and Blue Town Conservation Area” and it may also affect the setting of a listed building.

The people on the island say that local residents have been poorly informed and as such there is a skewed view of the residents opinion has been given to the planning department.

Sheerness town councillor Dolley White has launched a petition against the development called ‘Stop the installation of a cement works within Sheerness historic docks’ on Change.org

She said “She said: “This application will affect everyone on Sheppey. The production process will be detrimental to air quality. The overloaded road network will suffer greatly and therefore so will quality of life”.

There is a public meeting of Swale council’s Sheppey Area Committee in the nearby Criterion Theatre, Blue Town, next Tuesday (Mar 15) at 7pm when the subject might be brought up.

The petition can be viewed (& signed) here.

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