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Confusion Over Costa Almond and Raspberry Bake Availability

A potential customer was left confused after they discovered a strange Costa coffee sign.

The customer was shopping at Bluewater on Saturday when they decided to purchase a drink and a ‘small cake’ in the shop known as ‘Costa-lotta!’.

Well, £2.10 or more for a tiny cake is quite expensive, no matter how good they taste!

When they entered the shop they found a sign for the ‘Almond and Raspberry Bakes’ saying “Currently Out Of Stock – Back Soon”. This was despite the fact that there were at least 4 cakes behind the sign that looked very much like ‘Almond and Raspberry Bakes’.

The customer said “that is a real shame that they are out of stock, as I really fancied an ‘Almond and Raspberry Bake’ !”

We are unsure what the mystery cakes were in the photo, perhaps they were a different flavoured bake!

A spokesperson for Costa-lotta has yet to comment.

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